Rodent Mat

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Bokashi Set Black/Green
This Set includes 2 Bokashi Buckets and 1kg of Bokashi Active Bran so you can compost your kitchen waste.
76,60 CHF
Bait worms Feed
Worm Grow Mix. Makes your Dendrobaena veneta, Eisenia fetida and earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) fatter and bigger!
5,27 CHF
Wormery Mineral Mix
A pelleted mix of minerals to improve the performance of your wormery and compost worms.
from 9,42 CHF
Dendrobaena (Eisenia hortensis)
500 Compost worms of the Species Eisenia hortensis (a.k.a. Dendrobena veneta) in 1,5Kg wormsoil with all the active bacteria. Ideal for your compost, worm farm or Manure.
29,57 CHF
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