Compost worms (Eisenia foetida)

Active and lively compost worms (Eisenia fetida and Dendrobaena veneta) together with compost soil. Ideal to boost your worm farm or compost.

500 Compost worms (Dendrobaena veneta)
500 Compost worms of the Species Eisenia hortensis (a.k.a. Dendrobena veneta) in 1,5Kg wormsoil with all the active bacteria. Ideal for your compost, worm farm or Manure.
29,47 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Eisenia Compost Worms (6000)
6000 Eisenia Mix compost worms to compost horse manure into natural fertiliser. Includes Eisenia fetida, Eisenia hortensis and Eisenia andrei.
294,12 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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